~An Hour With You~


Special Teddy Bear

We have a Special Teddy Bear
Whos the wing beneath our sites
He helps us make beautiful things
Every single day and every single night

A gentle bear who loves his God
Helps all people when they need his care
Hes the kind of loving gentle person
Who seems when needed is always there

A gentleness and sweetness
Radiates out from his very soul
His kindness makes you see
Hes a precious angel unaware

A very special Teddy Bear
With a heart as pure as gold
Without the help of our Teddy Bear
We would none of us have
An internet site at all

Donna Kramer
July 23, 2005


To A Very Special Friend
From All Of Us Girls





Music: "Count Every Star"

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted



Assembled by Donna