An Hour With You~*~Special Friends~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Special Friends

Special friends are a loving gift,
Sent from the Fathers hand,
They love you just the way you are,
Just the way God planned.

Special friends are a rare breed,
Someone you feel you can trust,
One who really cares when you hurt,
And is there to help you adjust.

These special friends are unusual,
They will laugh with you,
And sometimes with you, will even cry,
Or just be there beside you.

A special friend is always loyal,
You never have to fear,
That behind your back they will gossip,
They will pray for you with tears.

Seems they just know the right words,
If you are feeling low,
That will make your world look brighter,
And set your soul aglow.

Before you know what’s happening,
You will find a smile,
All you need is a special friend
To stay with you awhile.

So Thank The Lord for special friends,
And for Jesus who is best,
He gave his very life for you,
No greater love expressed.

Codell Donehoo©

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