~An Hour With You~




Speak to my heart oh, rose of love,
Bring happiness to my embattled soul,
Give sweet solace as your beauty glows,
Yes, speak to my heart thou lovely rose.

I see sweetness in your petals,
Are they as the arms that hold me?
Is the dew dripping from the leaves,
The ardent kisses our love weaves?

I hold you gently in my hands,
Careful of the thorns of thy stem,
Danger is hidden in thou loveliness,
I pray our love be e'er absoluteness.

Your beauty is filled with wholesomeness,
I savor the dim glow of your shadow,
In life I long to forever be found there,
Cover me in your gentle sweet flair.

Precious rose of love speak to my heart,
Soothe my mind's wondering quest,
Relate divine assurance and devotion,
I search for love with eloquent emotion.

I slowly bring you to my moistened lips,
Gently touching your unfolding petals,
I give ardent kisses to each flower's part,
Sealing our love deep within the heart.

Gayle Davisİ
October 23, 2005

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Music: "Together"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission


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