~ An Hour With You~

Sparkling Angel

God sends a sparkling Angel
She flies down from her heavenly home
To show all Godís precious children
How very, very much we are loved

As she flies her sparkles flash
Brightly twinkling in the day time
And twinkling brilliantly at night
Lighting up the path of her travel

Drawing all the attention of both
The very rich and His blessed, the forlorn
She is always dressed in the beauty of silver
From her halo, down to the tip of her toes

She sparkles and shines brightly
Whether the moon shines upon her
Or she is flying in the glistening sun
In her magnificent silver gown

The flashing of her lovely sparkles
Lets her draw the full attention
Of all Godís children here on earth
Draws the full undivided attention

Of every single human being
On the face of Godís earth
For her beauty, sparkle and shine
Shows the great wonders and beauty

Of Godís full and undying love
Showing He wants to give all His children
The greatest gift He has to share
Through the beauty of His Sparkling Angel

With her flying in all her glory
For all Godís children to watch
She reminds us in her flights
Of His unconditional love and protection

©Donna Kramer
Dec. 11, 2005

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Music: From Here To Eternity

Sequenced by: Jack Hall
Permission Granted