~ An Hour With You~

Somewhere in time we'll be one again,
I know that you've always loved me,
And e'en though you went away that day,
I knew then we'd love, we would be.

Our love was like no other ever,
And my heart has sad reveries,
You and me, we will always be one,
Strong are all our love memories.

Somewhere in time I'll embrace your face,
Bring you much closer and we'll be,
I'll hold your kiss and smile, those brown eyes,
Somewhere in time you'll come to me.

We'll be together reeling the stars,
And like their light we'll flash the way,
Oh we'll love again all through my tears,
My dreams of you live on each day.

ęSondra McPherson
July 4, 2005

Music: "Somewhere In Time"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission