An Hour With You~*~Somewhere In My Brainworks~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Somewhere In My "Brainworks"

I can't remember when it happened,
but I'm told I had a wreck.
And I went through the windshield,
injuring my head and neck.

There they picked me up,
and sent me on an ambulance trip,
To the nearest regional hospital,
riding at a very fast clip!

My "Brainworks" had been disturbed,
from a blow to my head,
For I couldn't understand why,
I was in that hospital bed.

Although they tried to tell me,
I couldn't understand why,
They were all so concerned,
you'd think I was about to die!

When an injury to your "Brainworks",
hangs on for so long,
You live your life daily,
trying to separate right from wrong.

But being that as it may,
you keep going from day to day,
Loving those that are close,
for they show you "the way"!

Every cloud has a silver lining,
so, please God, let mine,
Give my "Brainworks" the repairs,
and let my life again shine.

Help those around me understand,
what they see is what they get,
But somewhere in my "Brainworks",
the best to come is yet!

Doede Poston©


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