~ An Hour With You~

He giveth snow like wool:
he scattereth the hoar frost like ashes.
Psalms 147:16

Soft Falling Snow

The light postís dome wears a fluffy hat
Of softly-falling snow,
The weight bends the bows of the lofty pine,
With the branches drooping low.

The roof of the barn is softened white,
The red boards white-tinged too.
And no one has stepped in the space between
Where I stand and this wintry view.

Crisp air catches your breath away,
A chill sinks into your bones.
The softly-falling snow keeps laying down
A magic carpet of diamond stones.

How bright this nighttime sky appears
With fresh snow on the ground,
Christmas lights glitter and twinkle
From my neighborís decorated lawn.

How peacefully poetic, the promise is
Of this softly-falling snow scene.
Was the Christ-Child born on a night like this?
Was the evening of His birth this serene?

Can we find His LOVE in the quiet night?
Can we live to love that purely?
Peace on Earth, good will to men
From Godís Only Son, Given Surely.

To save the lost and sinful soul.
To set the captive free.
To Love as God has always meant
This World to truly be.

Remember the baby lying there
In that manger; so meek and low.
Keep that child with you, safe in your heart,
No matter where you go.

Let His Peace, and His Promise be your guide,
And to His Word always try to be true.
And be sheltered safe in His Loving Arms.
That is my Christmas Wish for you.



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Music: "I Praise His Holy Name"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission