~ An Hour With You~

I look into the heavens,
There is softness to the night,
Stars twinkling in the darkness,
The moon gives a faint light.

All part of Your creation,
Each touched by Your hand,
Lighting the way for Your children,
Restful nights for all of man.

The angels carry the moon about,
And spin the stars for shimmers.
Flying behind a cloud sometimes,
Making the night grow dimmer.

The moon glows ever so softly,
A gentle wind blows, stirring the leaves,
The waters show shadows cast about,
Ghostlike fingers reflect the trees.

Fly through the night little angels,
Across the pathway set before,
Hiding beneath the horizon,
Day will soon be knocking on the door.

Gayle Davisİ
June 24, 2005




Music: "There Is Only One"

Original Composition of Sandra Bradley
Written And Performed By Sandra Bradley
Used with permission