~ An Hour With You ~


Silence is a gift of love
Sent from God in heaven above
A peaceful feeling of being alone
To listen to heavenly words of love

Walking in a park with birds singing
A joyful jubilant sound of love
Listening to the sounds of laughter
From our beautiful children

Recognizing even in this atmosphere
Surrounded by birds and children
There is a peaceful sound of silence
Surrounding your very soul

Seeing the beauty of the night
Stars twinkling and sparkling above
The gentle sound of whispering wind
With a gentle silence in the night

Our lives seem to be so hectic
We forget weíre supposed to follow
In the beauty of Godís light
Listening to his words of Love

All through the silence of day
And in the silence of the night
While Godí Angelís whisper to us
Godí unconditional love in the silence

©Donna Kramer
Sept 20, 2005


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Music: I Believe

By: Norma Stephenson
Permission Granted