~An Hour With You~

Shhh..... little duckies,
Do not quack so loud,
If Mommy hears you,
She won't be too proud.

Resting on my new dress,
You are so sweet to me,
But oh Mommy will be upset,
If you, she were to see.

You are so soft and cuddly,
With baby quacks you call,
You will give away our secret,
If you don't please stop it all.

I love you little duckies,
You seem to love me too,
I like the way you sit and look,
But you must be quiet, please do.

Shhh..... sweet little duckies,
You just make too loud a sound,
Mommy is gonna find you for sure,
She will put you out on the ground.

Oh my, look what you have done,
You messed up my pretty new dress,
Mommy is gonna get us both,
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Oh no! It is happening again,
Why did you have to go?
You must get off my new dress,
Phew, you smell bad you know!

Hurry! Mommy is coming,
She does not look at all glad,
She smells your little accident,
'Cause you do stink real bad!!

Good-bye little duckies,
I told you to be quiet,
Quacking and doing boo boos,
Sends you outside alright.

Gayle Davis

July 10, 2005



Music: "Having Fun"

copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission