~ An Hour With You~


Gentle waters lap the shore,
As we stroll along the wet sand,
Exchanging thoughts and words of love,
Running then walking and holding hands.

Sweet moments shared in leisure,
Memories built that we can recall,
Sharing life with each other,
Blissful treasures forever enthrall.

Minds at ease for love is assured,
Bonds created in earlier years,
Bound by the blessings of God,
Through Him our love adheres.

Covered in a mantle of protection,
God's love completely surrounds,
Bringing us e'er closer together,
Hearts and souls in Christ so bound.

Shared moments we cherish,
Blessings we thankfully recount,
Praise God for His goodness,
By His grace all things we'll surmount.

Gayle Davis©
November 19, 2005

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Date Created: 06/29/04©

Music: "Together"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission
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