~ An Hour With You~


Reminisce Of Days Gone By

As I sit alone in the stillness and silence,
I look back upon my life.
I think back to a time when,
you first came into my life.
You were sixteen then.

I've loved you since that first day,
as my own son.
There have been good times,
and yes some bad.
After all not all children agree upon,
what their parents say, think or do.

I was your "Mom" and just too over protective.
The precious good memories,
far out weigh the bad.
Just your everyday family things.
After all, you were my family too.

All through the trials and tribulations I have grown.
They have made me stronger and wiser.
I've learned not to take any thing for granted.
Example, like you always being here.
It's been ten months since you left us.

But it still seems and feels,
as if it were just yesterday.
Your birthday has come and gone without you.
You would of been turning thirty-eight.
It's funny how time goes on,
and the world keeps turning.

I managed to make it through the day.
But, only with the Grace of God.
I fear Thanks Giving.
I am so terrified,
that I won't be able to be thankful for anything.
Certainly, when it comes to losing you.
Once again, I will rely on the Grace of God.

As I sit here in the stillness,
I cry out into the silence.
I love you and I miss you.
I cradle your picture in my arms,
holding you close to my heart.
With tears freely flowing as I sit and,
Reminisce Of Days Gone By.

I wrote this in Honor of my Late Step-Son
James Delford Bushey
July 1967 ~ November 2004
Elizabeth Ann Bushey©

Original Photograph by Bren Burrill

Music: "Forever And A Day"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
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