An Hour With You~*~Remember When~*~
~An Hour With You~

Do you remember the peanut patch,
Picking the goobers one by one,
Washing and boiling in a pot,
Sharing with neighbors, all the fun?

Do you remember the old farm house,
With a heater and stove fueled by wood,
Putting the cows in their stalls at night,
Watching them chew on their cud?

Remember when we milked the cows,
Dodging a tail full of cockle-burrs,
Squirting milk in a kitten's mouth,
Trying to not soak their fur?

Remember when the telephone,
Was a couple of cans joined by a rope,
The high of the day was free time,
Not buying drugs and smoking dope?

Remember when, not so long ago,
We could walk the roads at night,
We did not lock our windows and doors,
Yet knew everything would be alright?

Do you remember when neighbors,
Would gladly offer a helping hand,
Eager to help another in need,
Really cared for their fellow man?

Do you remember the rocking chair,
Sitting on the porch in wait?
For a tired mother to sit a spell,
Talking to her loving mate?

Do you remember these things,
Are you considered getting old,
I may be aging and o'er the hill,
But treasure these days as pure gold..

Gayle Davis©
August 6, 2005

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Music: "Days Gone By"

Original music By: Mel Webb©
Used With Permission
In memory of a great musician
We mourn your passing
Melvin Ray Webb
February 28, 1928 - August 14, 2005