~ An Hour With You~

I pause to remember,
The years of the past,
Thanking God above,
For a love that last.

I remember your arms,
Wrapped around me tight,
The sweet gentle kisses,
Shared in the dark night.

The feel of your body,
Close to mine in love,
On a star filled night,
A glowing moon above.

The touch of your hands,
As they gently caress,
Holding and loving,
Emotions they express.

Yes I pause to reflect,
On the years with you,
Thankful of the memories,
Of a love thus true.

Dreaming of a time,
When again I'll see,
The love of my life,
Reaching for me.

I look to the heavens,
Know you are there,
I will join you my darling,
Again love to share.

ęGayle Davis
09 December 2005


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Music: "I Do Like To Remember"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy His Music