~ An Hour With You~

Princess of Light take from me,
Darkness brought forth from loneliness,
Draped as a covering upon my heart,
Creating a wilting soul in pure forlornness.

I seek to see; yet all escapes through the darkness,
Hiding in the darkened corners of my heart,
No happiness shines inside my soul,
Love and hope crushed, extinguished dreams depart.

Free me beautiful Princess of Light,
From the bondage I am now held,
Let light shine in my heart today,
Sending sweet love with which to meld.

Carry me away for the darkness inside,
Set me free in the bright light of day,
I will find the one I deeply long for,
Journeying to happiness without delay.

I see the sun's rays brightly shining,
The darkness has faded; departing from me,
I am again in the world of the living,
Embraced by love's beckoning decree.

Gayle Davis
November 25, 2005

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Music: "Life Is Not So Easy"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission
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