~ An Hour With You~

Please Holy Father

Father, I am so very tired
Tired of all the heartache
Is there not more in this world
Than heartache, worry and pain

Why do bad things happen, Jesus
To the good people in the world
What am I here on earth for anymore
Is there a purpose to my life

I have a great desire to serve you, Father
Fill my life with purpose and hope
For without my being your servant
There is no longer a meaning to my life

Help me to touch anyone I can, Father
Please let your light shine through me
For I love you with all my heart
All my soul and my mind

Is happiness just a dream
Laughter and joy dead in life
For most of our world does not live in you
It lives in money and possessions

I have a desire to be happy, Father
To feel great laughter in my soul
And have my heart filled with joy
This can only be filled through you

Father, when my job here is through
Please take me home to heaven with you
For I am really tired and feel useless
Living in a world of confusion and pain

Donna Kramerę
Sept 19,2005


Music: "Tears Will Never Stain"
David's Southern Gospel Midi Tracks
Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission