~ An Hour With You~

Look at the delicate beauty,
Created by the Father above,
Majestic color and fragrance,
Awe the beholder with love.

God created the flower,
Each fold of the petal new,
His artistry is shown more,
In the creation of me and you.

My Lord works in perfection,
No error does He e'er make,
So why do we accept less,
Than perfection in man's wake?

God set forth the blueprint,
Drawn with love in each angle,
We must build our lives in accordance,
Or the results will be a twisted tangle.

I yearn to stay as God created,
As pure and perfect as man can be,
Striving to keep the master plan,
Illuminated with God's love for all to see.

Father help me in my endeavors,
Aide my walking along life's path,
Guide me as I traverse onward,
Casting peace instead of wrath.

Help me Lord to heed my brother,
Showing an example of love's perfection,
Let me be a light of reverence,
Aglow in heaven's sweet affection.

Gayle Davisİ
July 29, 2005


Music: "His Name Is Wonderful"

Performed By: Wanda Fischer
Used With Permission