~ An Hour With You~


I need peace tonight my sweet Lord,
Your peace only will calm me,
For I've stirred up in heart and mind,
Fears I'd never wish to be.

And so I soak in Your beauty,
Your beautyís the love of You,
I enter in Your heart's garden,
Where thereís peace flowering through.

Iím bathing in Your sweet fragrance,
Immersed in You completely,
You're love giving a world of peace,
Filling me ever sweetly.

Loving hushes overwhelm me,
As Your essence embraces,
The bouquet of Your heart subdues,
Washing away fearsí faces.

I pray in peace now my sweet Lord,
Within your garden of love,
My heart exists in You solely,
And I savor You thereof.

©Sondra McPherson
August 23, 2005


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Music: "Lullaby of Hope.v1"

Original Songs by MidiSandy
copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission