~An Hour With You~

Passage Of Life

When you're feeling down and desperate,
And you think life's passed you by,
When all that seems to happen,
Is you want to sit and cry,
Why don't you instead just take a moment,
And ask the question why?

For no man shall be an island,
No matter what he's become,
Whatever may have happened,
Can always be undone,
Just reach out to that someone,
Who knows you're not alone.

Seek and look for guidance,
For there is always someone there,
Who is willing to reach out to you,
And your troubles they will share,
Just show some faith in them always,
So they too can show they care.

For it may be one of family,
Or it may be a close friend,
But whoever you confide in,
Will be with you 'til the end,
And on what was a lonesome journey,
They will assist you 'round every end.

You do not even need to see them,
In any but mind's eye,
For you know they are beside you,
Because of things that tie,
They bond you close together,
And life will never pass you by.

So during that one long journey,
That we all do know as life,
Remember that there always,
Will be days of pain and strife,
But never let those days tear you,
And cut you like a knife.

Instead look ever onward,
To better days ahead,
For the past it will not matter,
Wherever your life's led,
Plan for a brighter future,
Filled with love and joy instead.

For it matters not how you see things,
Or wherever you let them lie,
Nor what you choose to do each day,
If you let life pass you by,
So make sure it's by good things you are remembered,
When it comes your turn to die.

Dark Blue Knight
7th March 2005
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