An Hour With You~*~Our New Friend~*~
~ An Hour With You~

Our New Friend

We spent a week in Sierra Blanca, Texas,
Feeling badly about losing our friend,
The old Chevy sure had a hard time dying,
It was a sad time, no need to pretend.

The old Studebaker was our new friend.
Was not long before we realized,
There was something wrong with the vacuum pump,
A job for someone specialized.

Stopped, hoping to find someone who knew
How to fix an old vacuum pump,
Go about half a mile, act up again,
At this time everyone was stumped.

Turned around and went back several times.
Three times back and this was a fact.
S.Y. said that if we get over that hill
Then we will not be coming back.

We topped the hill but still same trouble,
There beside the road was a store,
Stopped, S.Y. bought a small tube of glue,
Old vacuum pump was in for score.

We got cranked up, sound like a gunshot.
Driving the rest of the way home
Without it giving us any more trouble,
The old vacuum pump just ran on.

It was one cold night, our headlights went out,
We landed in a ditch, why weep,
It was a freezing night with no heater,
Nothing to do but wrap up and sleep.

Morning came, looked up and saw this house,
This man came down to check on us,
He got his tractor and pulled us out,
Then he took us up to his house.

Gave all the kids milk and gave us coffee,
Got warmed up now time to start,
We were back on the road ready or not,
With Godís Blessings from this manís heart.

By Codell Donehoo


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