An Hour With You~*~Our Little Shanty~*~




~ An Hour With You~

 "Our Little Shanty!"

Our little shanty
On the side of the road
Isn't much to look at,
But it is ...our abode

Broken down shutters
With a weather worn roof
Rusty old gutters
Looking shabby...and aloof

Some who look upon it
Might take pity on me
Thinking I am poor,
Because of what they see

They can't see the caring
Nor the happiness within
While we share each new day...
Me and my Kin

Material things...lovely to behold
Can't compare to the joy inside
This I wouldn't trade for all the gold,
Yes, I look on our shanty...with pride

You see, home is where the heart is
And our shanty is brimming with love
For all these blessings...I'm grateful
They were given from God above.

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 2004

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