An Hour With You~*~One Brave Boy~*~
~An Hour With You~

One Brave Boy

My first son was born on Motherís day,
Oh Boy! Was it a whirl,
He and I had a really hard time,
Getting him into this world.

Several miracles took place in his life,
Iím sure God had a plan,
For this child that I gave birth too,
Its better a book to began.

He was always a brave little boy,
I remember the time,
He spent a few days in the hospital,
A few shots were in line.

The nurses were amazed at him,
He was an inspiration,
To all the other children there,
When shot time came around.

Every time they saw the nurse coming,
They all started to cry,
But one brave little boy turned over,
Ready his shot to apply.

After several more days of this,
This same room full of kids,
Began to be less of a problem,
When shot time they did.

Codell Donehoo©

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