~ An Hour With You~

I was very lonely today,
But not for long, Love has a way,
Your love cascaded over me,
I知 filled to the top tenderly.

Once again in finding my way,
You held me in Your arms to stay,
In Your love and Your compassion,
I sensed the sweetest impression.

Imprints on my heart left by You,
Soothed and calmed my emotions too,
I know You must inscribe Your love,
My feelings breezed heaven above.

Once again in finding my way,
Your rose filled scent girded today,
You lifted me high up in place,
And I知 strengthened by Your embrace.

Now I知 not lonely anymore,
I知 humbled by Your open door,
Blessings flowed through in preciousness,
Your love痴 treasures of pricelessness.

Once again I値l sing You praises,
You池e the only One who raises,
Me and others to higher ground,
You Lord have my life to surround.

ゥSondra McPherson
November 5, 2005







Music: "Finding My Way"

Composed by: Bill Sandy - Mystifying Music
Copyright 2002 - All Rights Reserved
Used With Permission


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