~ An Hour With You~

Ol' Dennis

What a merciful God are You
You've seen my friends through
Kept them safe through Ol' Dennis
Although he was quite a menace.

They watched the tree limbs flying around
Scattered all over the ground.
The winds raging, torrent rains
Yet faith in You did remain.

Knowing they were in your protective care
Thanking You all the while for being there.
Although they live miles apart
Your protection You did impart

Keeping them safe once again
It was all in Your plan.
Providing protection for their families too
As Ol' Dennis just grew and grew..

Jimmy said I'll be fine
I'll just watch it here on line!
Gayle said God's taking extra care
So there's no way I'll despair!

Thank You Father Dear,
You kept my friends, they didn't fear.
What a blessing You are to all
Who have the faith on You to call.


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Music: "Peaceful Thoughts"
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Words And Music By T. J. Moir
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