~ An Hour With You~

Silence tears through my suffering heart,
I wonder if the quietness hears,
Oh how can this be, why would he go,
Oh my love has gone forgetting years.

I sit in fear's silence as it grows,
It is terror to move anyway,
He said he didn't love me at all,
Oh my love has gone away today.

The shame I feel strikes deep then torments,
I mustn't ever be seen again,
Oh how could he love me anyway,
Oh my love has gone weaving my pain.

Sadness so heavy plagues all my soul,
At night as I sit in black silence,
His words slash my spirit like sharp blades,
Oh my love has gone in violence.

Silence attacks taking all my hope,
Iím unworthy to be loved Iím told,
Oh what have I done to be useless,
Oh my love has gone and I feel old.

Oh the sadness hastens through my heart,
I cry mercy God for him through tears,
Oh I must help him and pray right now,
Oh my love has gone forgetting years.

©Sondra McPherson
November 15, 2005

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Music: "Sadness"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission
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