~ An Hour With You~

I dream of the sounds of the waves,
As near you I lovingly stand,
I remember the waters rushing,
Around our feet in the white sands.

I dream of the hands that held me,
The laughs that we shared in fun,
The kisses quietly stolen,
In the heat of a summer's sun.

I dream of the coolness of the water,
As it gently caresses the skin,
Recalling the touch of your hands,
Enamored feeling created within.

I dream of the ocean sounds,
Waves crashing white capping,
Awakening in your arms,
From an indulged napping.

I dream of tomorrow's beginning,
Wishing to repeat yesterdays,
Feeling the cool rushing waters,
As love's feeling we tenderly convey.

Gayle Davis
September 23, 2005






Music: "Seaside (Original)"

Provided Courtesy of Esh !"
Used With Permission