~ An Hour With You~

O' Holy Night...

Christmas is a time to celebrate,
And thank you for all you do.
For all the gifts you shower us with,
All our thanks and worship belongs to you.

Thank you for loving us,
And coming to set us free.
As from a loving heart you died,
Upon that blood stained tree.

Your blood as red as crimson,
Streamed down your sweet pierced body,
As many stood and watched,
As they crucified our Lord most holy.

So why do we celebrate Christmas?
For Godís Dear Son was born.
So Tired and weary, but no room in the Inn,
Baby Jesus, lay in a manger barn.

Hay in a feeding trough,
Was where they placed the Child,
All wrapped in swaddling clothes,
And there they stayed a while.

To see the Christ Child they had heard about,
Wise men traveled from afar,
To see the Babe told them by angels,
Traveling to Bethlehem by following a star.

So Christmas isnít just about parties,
And decorating trees,
But a time to worship Jesus,
The one who set us free.

Itís fun to see our loved ones,
And share our gifts of love,
But Jesus gave His all,
By giving of His Blood.

Faye Reyenga ©
12 / 2 / 2005







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Music: "Birthday King"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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