~ An Hour With You~

Night Dreams

I want to take a romantic trip with you,
To fly way up into the heavens so blue.
Where the sky is always crystal clear,
And the harps of the angels we can hear.

To be free from all the stress of life,
Enjoying time together as man and wife.
To gaze upon all of the stars in the sky,
To watch the clouds as they go drifting by.

Beautiful mountains that rise up in the air,
A guitar and a piano, just sitting there.
Waiting for someone to play a melody,
For two lovers hearts forever free.

This vision appears in my night dreams,
The balcony aglow with lovely moon beams.
To be anywhere at all my darling with you,
If indeed, our dreams do come true.

Is this a possibility for you and I,
Or is it only in our dreams we can fly.
When I go to sleep I envision us there,
Youíre arms holding me with tender care.

Then ever so softly your lips touch mine,
Magical moments spent with you so divine.
My heart wanting it to really come true,
Time spent alone, just me and you.

Can a heavenly fantasy become a reality,
For just a moment or maybe for all of eternity.
If it could then I canít wait for the night,
Dreaming of you to my hearts delight.

Brenda Sparkman©
March 21, 2005


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