~An Hour With You~

Natures Beauty

When I look upon a waterfall,
Water cascading to the ground.
I take in the wonder of it all,
Hearing also the lovely sound.

Enthralled at the sight of a sunset,
As each day comes to another end.
Waiting for tomorrow’s sunrise,
For yet another new day to begin.

Watching as ocean waves again,
Keep gently rolling into shore.
Here awaits such a beautiful sight,
One hard for anyone to ignore.

In the forest amongst the trees,
Catching a small ray of sunshine.
Enjoying the calm and peace there,
And serenity for your weary mind.

Have you ever watched a dolphin,
When it gracefully leaps in the air.
Or watched all the beautiful birds,
As they go flying away somewhere.

All the beautiful flowers grow,
Some wild and completely free.
Thrown at random across the land,
For everyone to be able to see.

I start to wonder about the artist,
Who created all of this by hand.
His work of art for all to enjoy,
To prepare for the promised land.

Lovely rainbows and butterflies,
So many things, He has created.
When looking at natures beauty,
Is all God did really appreciated.

When you gaze upon our land,
Be sure to thank God up above.
He created it as He did the earth,
Formed by His hands with love.

Brenda Sparkman©

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