~ An Hour With You~


What's In A Name?

Some people call me Late
Some people call me Early,
One calls me his Mate,
And one calls me Girlie.

One calls me Mom
Another calls me Pud,
No one calls me Tom,
Some 'may' call me Good. :)

One calls me Mam Maw
His mate calls me the Same.
No one calls me Paw,
And no one calls me a Dame.

One calls me Smarty Pants
Others calls me Siggy,
No one calls me to Dance,
And no one calls me Twiggy.

One calls me Sunshine
Another calls me Mel.
I wonder why these names are mine
You want to add one as well?

My Father called me by His Spirit
I Thank You Lord that I did hear it.
You Call me Your Daughter
You say by "My Shed Blood I bought Her."

Me 'O' My, My 'O' Me
Come along and you will see
Sooner or later, why
I am called all of these.


Matthew 9:13
For Thine is The Kingdom,
And the Power, And the Glory,



Artwork: Dance of the Seasons  
is copyrighted and used with permission

Josephine Wall

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Dynamic Drive

Music: "Boot Scootin Boogie"
The Duchess
Used With Permission