~ An Hour With You~

My Treasured Garden

I have a special garden,
Its just down my lane,
Everyday I visit,
To water it again.

In my garden there are roses,
With a name all its own,
I name them after many friends,
That in my heart have grown.

And if by chance you get this,
Your name is down there to,
For you are one of my blessings,
That has help to bring me through.

The burdens that I must face now,
Today and everyday,
You all have all had a part,
That I am still here today.

Just know that I do love you,
And know that I do care,
For you are a special rose of love,
That I will always cherish dear.

For All My Beautiful Friends,
That Make My Life Much Easier To Bear.
God Bless You All!!

Ann Hartİ
July 15th 2003





Music: "Meadows Dance"
The Music Of M. C. Shelly
Written, Arranged and
Performed By: M. C. Shellyİ
Used With Permission