~ An Hour With You~

My Shadow And Me

My shadow and I went for a walk,
We walked in silence, no need to talk,
He walked beside me all the way,
Not once did he ever lead me astray.

When I would stop my shadow stopped,
When I hopped my shadow would hop,
Never once did he leave me alone,
Not even when I was weary and groaned.

Donít it remind you of another shadow,
That always walks beside you,
To protect you from the storms of life,
And guide you in all that you do.

My other shadow is my loving Jesus,
Heís there to hold my hand,
When satan hurls them rocks at me,
My Jesus takes a stand.

I need not fear for what lies ahead,
For my Jesus is in control,
And just like my other shadow here,
I know He will never let me go.

Ann Hart©
June 26th 2005


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Music: "He Will Never Forsake You"
Sequenced by: David Larch
Used With Permission


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