~ An Hour With You~

My Pampered Pet Punkin

Punkin is just one pampered pet,
She's small and wise and screams surprise,
With long hair in shades of pumpkin,
She's darling with her snappish eyes.

I’d say Punkin's pretty pampered,
She's a little kitty real sweet,
A bit bossy as the youngest,
She streaks like lightning on her feet.

Punkin’s speedy as she can be,
She scoots through the kitchen and slides,
Then springs on a window table,
Where her food awaits and abides.

My pampered pet Punkin's loving,
She's darling and entertaining,
Tippee toeing 'cross sofa tops,
She’s wanting loved and complaining.

Punkin's a sweet little honey,
Pampered Oh Yes 'cause she’s too cute,
She wants love right then and says so,
Oh she’s smart and right down astute.

©Sondra McPherson
October 19, 2005


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Music: "Pua Lilia"
Kauai Style Midi Creations
Sequenced By: Kalani Nishimura
Used With Permission


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