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My sixth child was a baby girl,
Had her name picked out,
I read about “The rose of Sharon.”
Sharon was her name, no doubt,

So that was the name she got,
The next day her dad came,
He brought me a “Rose of Sharon,”
To proclaim that was her name.

She was her daddy’s little girl,
Sha Sha was her pet name,
All the family picked up on it,
That was what her name became.

A lady had her sit in the choir
With her on Sunday nights,
She was about the age of five,
Sang her first solo out right.

In school she was in talent shows,
When several times she won,
They said she could not win again,
For beauty shows, did reruns.

All the family loved music,
Whenever we got together,
Singing and making music was
Always a happy time.

Codell Donehoo©

Luvdalot Graphics & Design
©Luvdalot Graphics & Design, 2003-2005

Music: "The Rose"
Dick Anderson's
Country Midi Guitar

Sequenced By: Dick Anderson
Used With Permission