An Hour With You~*~My Grandpa~*~
~ An Hour With You~

My Grandpa

My grandpa was a tall slim man,
His way was quiet and gentle,
I never heard him raise his voice,
When grand kids got unruly.

Many years spent on a small farm,
Had fruit trees of every kind,
Every vegetable you could think of,
With flowers all combined.

We grand kids often tried his patience,
When we trampled through his fields,
And pulled the apples off the trees,
At us, he never yelled.

We always knew just where we stood,
He gently let us know.
But being kids we had to see
Just how far he’s let us go.

I can see him now in my mind,
With arms folded behind him,
Walking late afternoons through the fields,
Making sure everything was fine.

He told us how he found his Savior,
His eyes were opened to see.
One day while walking in his fields,
He bowed under an old tree.

There he had a little talk with Jesus,
And trusted him from his heart,
God gave him peace and eternal life,
Something he never forgot.

I loved my grandpa very much,
I imagine him over there,
While resting on Heavens porch,
Rocking in his rocking chair.

Codell Donehoo©


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Sequenced by: David Larch
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