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My Grandpa's Tractor

I love my grandpa's tractor,
It is such fun to work each day,
I wait for grandpa to come,
He teaches me how to farm this way.

I love my grandpa's tractor,
It can do so many things,
I like to ride and watch it work,
In the fields of crops so green.

We can plow the ground for planting,
Grandpa makes the plow dig deep,
Clears all the weeds and brush,
While I sit with him on the seat.

When we come home it is so dirty,
Where we baled the peanut hay,
I have to wash and clean the tractor,
But it is really a fun time to play.

Oh I love my grandpa's tractor,
But I love my grandpa best of all,
Each day he comes to visit me,
On his tractor so big and tall.

Gayle Davis©
October 9, 2005

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Music: "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)"
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Sequenced By Bob Mace
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