~ An Hour With You~

My Glasses And My Prayer Book

God gave me a prayer book
To read each and every night
It is filled with all his words of love
This fills my life with his love and light

I always need my glasses
To read his precious words of love
Sometimes I seem to misplace them
Oh my, canít read his words of love

I pray that he will help me
Find my glasses I have lost
For without my eye glasses
Iím afraid my soul will be lost

God told me he would help me
In a very, very special way
Send a scent of a spicy rose
To lead me on my quest

My love for God is spectacular
Iíd hate to lose my way
Please, God donít let me lose my glasses
For I need to read my prayer book
Every single blessed day

©Donna Kramer
Sept.17, 2005

Heavenly Angel


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Music: Softly

By Margi Harrell
Permission Granted