~ An Hour With You~


My Dwelling Place

Lord you have been my dwelling place
All my days and through the years,
Each new day, you send your love,
You covers me with everlasting care.

Every day, I need you Lord,
Your love surrounds me with a flood,
I will exalt You, my greatest friend,
You are mine today, and until the end.

Lord you are my hope, my living joy
You are the same although I stray,
I hear your voice as you softly speak,
Make me a vessel, today, Lord I pray.

I ask you Lord to expand my life
To the depth of your love so divine,
When I reach that beautiful river,
Sitting with Jesus for ever and ever!

Bernice Ward




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Midi "You Are My Dwelling Place Oh Lord"

Copyright 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission



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