~ An Hour With You~

 My Darling Daughter

Some relationships end
and lives change with new beginnings.
Through the years of time,
constantly passing us by.
You may have forgotten or perhaps
questioned the love I held for you.

The love I hold for you
hasn't vanished or diminished.
It will remain within,
every beat of my heart.
And after my last heart beat,
I will love you from heaven for,
forever and a day.

You were "Daddy's little girl",
and you always will be, to me.
You with your curly hair
and a smile brighter than the sun.
You could always give me reasons to smile.
And yes there was sadness,
and I shed tears for you when I left you behind.

Time is irreplaceable and mistakes can't be erased away.
Every daddy dreams of giving away,
his "Little girl".
Giving you to another whose heart you have stolen.
Like mine, the day you were born.
My "Little girl" now all grown up.

I could picture you on your wedding day.
Dressed like a princess,
with happiness sparkling in your eye's.
You must of been so beautiful.
How could you be anything else, but.
It's a moment of time that is forever lost to me.

If things could of only been different.
If I had only known, and if you would of had me.
My darling daughter.
Beside you is where I would of been.
With all my love for,
forever and a day.
"Your Daddy"

Written and Dedicated To
Mrs. Sherry Lynn Fletcher
On Behalf Of Your Dad
Elizabeth Ann Bushey©



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©MagnoliaD, March 2005

Music: "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission


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