~ An Hour With You~

My Christmas Wish For You

My Christmas wish is not store bought,
Or a thing money cannot buy,
Itís just a little wish for you, from me,
And hereís the reason why.

For the laughter you have given me,
Thatís blessed my life each day,
And for the days you helped me dry my tears,
When storms came around my way.

My wish for you is happiness,
And love thatís both combined,
My wish is that you prosper,
As a new year comes in line.

The best gift I can offer you,
Is God's amazing grace,
So you will have a home in heaven,
When we depart this place.

If you get this wish I made,
Your life will be complete,
May this Christmas give, joy untold,
Which is something you can't beat.

Have A Very Merry Christmas,
And God Bless You ALL!!

Ann Hart©
December 2005
Nfld. Canada


Music: "You Mean So Much To Me"

Copyright © 2002 Margaret Cox
Used with permission