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Mr. Kitty And Personality

Mr. Kitty is greatly loved,
He’s cute showing his all-round smile,
Born with a turned down floppy ear,
He struts ‘round the house in strong style.

Showing his personality,
He roams ‘round like a dog on guard,
Dares intruders to tread his point,
His property, his home, our yard.

Mr. Kitty thinks he’s a dog,
Following us around and ‘round,
And his personality flaunts,
When he rolls over on the ground.

How he loves getting attention,
If he lacks it, he nips a leg,
Just lightly but really enough,
‘Cause his big teeth can chomp a peg.

Mr. Kitty’s quite lovable,
Gorgeous dark and light stripes of grey,
Big sweet eyes that speak ‘I love you,’
Looks cute when he turns to say ‘Hey.’

Personality is the key,
Our Mr. Kitty’s one great boy,
He takes your heart in a minute,
And won’t waste time to give you joy.

©Sondra McPherson
October 15, 2005

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Music: "Tickle"
Kauai Style Midi Creations
Sequenced By: Kalani Nishimura
Used With Permission