~ An Hour With You~

I'm moving on to better things,
Leaving a past that brought tears,
Years spent reaching for other's dreams,
Was all in vain and filled with fears.

I look to the future, it is brighter,
The sun sets on a different shore,
The moon will rise in the night sky,
Peace will be mine forever more.

Yes I'm moving on to new horizons,
I'll not look back with yearning,
When I think of the past I left,
It will be with greater discerning.

Happiness fills me; I look forward with glee,
Anticipation is my companion now,
I am free from other restraints, released,
In pleasurable surroundings I bow.

I'm moving on to places unseen,
Wide-eyed and eager to grasp,
A new world all around me, warmth,
No more coldness will I clasp.

Gayle Davis©
October 11, 2005







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Music: "Time To Go"

Original music By: Mel Webb©
Used With Permission