~An Hour With You~

Moving In With My Sons

I think it is time for me
To move in with my sons
Then I can do the things
That they have done

Yea, that sure sounds like fun
Maybe I could even jump on their beds
Then when they come to check me out
I could hide and cover up my head

Then giggle and laugh
The why they always used to do
Maybe if I am really, really good
They might even buy me some toys

Then probably tell me
Not to make so much noise
I wonder if they would like my new hat
Or tease me for being a little fat

Maybe if Iím lucky they might get me a cat
Then spend most of their time telling me to scat
So I guess Iím Moving In With My Son
Isnít this going to be great fun

©Donna Kramer







Music: "Funny How Time Slips Away"

Sequenced by Jack Hall
Permission Granted


Assembled By: Donna