An Hour With You~*~Mother Or Baby~*~

~ An Hour With You~

Mother Or Baby

It was early one Sunday morning,
To be exact, “Fathers Day.”
This baby boy was trying his best,
To make it without a display.

The young mother was hemorrhaging,
Already gone into shock,
Doctors doing everything they could,
About to give up in a deadlock.

They decided to try to save the mother.
Even though this baby tried,
He did not make it through alive,
God’s plan was satisfied.

There she lay between life and death,
While all her Church family,
Was back home, striving in prayer,
Asking God to spare her life.

She remembered one sweet nurse,
That said out of the blue,
“You know your have three others at home,
You have to live, they need you.”

Someway this got through to the mother,
God gave her the will to live,
And live she did! Had two more babies,
A living miracle today of 83 years.

Codell Donehoo©


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Music: "Meeting In The Air"
Sequenced by: David Larch
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