~ An Hour With You~


I'm dreaming of moonbeams,
And you tonight,
Moonbeams and you and dreams,
Just feel so right.

Even stars shining bright,
Bring thoughts of love,
Moonbeams and you with light,
From God above.

How my heart gleams aglow,
Moonbeams and you,
Sparkle with love bestowed,
And promised too.

How the stars and moonbeams,
And you send me,
My soul hopes and dreams,
Just me you’ll see.

Our love is meant to be,
Solely as one,
All through infinity,
Dreams will be done.

Because moonbeams and you,
And I will live,
Our chosen love so true,
As God does give.

©Sondra McPherson
July 2, 2005


Artwork: Where Moonbeans Fall
is © and used with permission
by ©
Josephine Wall

Quote: "slowly, silently, now the moon,
walks the night in her silver shoon"
Walter de la Mare~

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Music: "Moonbeams And You"

Original Songs by MidiSandy
Copyrighted" By: Sandra Bradley
Used With Permission