~An Hour With You~



Many a night, Mom with a Bible in her hand.
Her only wish for us, on solid rock to stand.
She would say for a better life, filled with happiness and glee.
Just accept him in our hearts, and this will truly be.

I miss all the Hymns, that she would always sing.
Peace and comfort to us all, they would surely bring.
Amazing Grace and Where The Rose's Never Fade.
Two of her favorites, to us, she has forever made.

Gone to be with Dad, and the Heavenly Father too.
Live by his word, and this can also be for you.
For me she'd say "Do not be sad or sorry"
" I am in a beautiful place, filled with Peace and Glory"
They say in time, and in a special place.

We will all meet again, how I long to see her face.
To be there with my family, who have all gone before.
They'll all be waiting for me, at Heavens opened door.
Oh, how precious it will be, that last final day.
When it's time for me to go, to Heaven, and forever stay.

In Loving Memory Of My Beloved Mother
Eva Guenette Oct. 1932 ~ Feb. 1993
Elizabeth Ann Busheyİ




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Music: "Amazing Grace"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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