Missy On Christmas Eve

It was the night before Christmas,
Not a sound in the house,
All was so quite,
Not even the tip-e-toe of a tiny little mouse.

Then all of a sudden,
I heard such a clatter.
I jumped from my bed,
To see what was the matter.

Oh, what I saw was total disaster,
Missy the cat was looking to see,
For sure she had something,
It just had to be!

Oh, yes, there he was,
Just sure as could be,
Old Santa just watching,
For Missy was up the tree.

Down with the ornaments,
Lights everywhere,
Packages were scattered,
As Santa just watched with a glare.

Santa yelled out with a loud angry cry,
Now see what youíve done
Now you will have no present.
Not even one!

Now let this be a lesson,
Donít think you can be,
Mean as they come all year,
And get presents under the tree.

Now donít hide behind the door,
And peep to see,
What Santa might be leaving,
Under the Christmas tree.
Merry Christmas!!

Faye Reyenga ©
10 / 22 / 2005

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Music: "The Twelve Days Of Christmas"
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