~ An Hour With You~


There she is all decked out real pretty,
Roses, ribbons and feathers,
Honey Bunny's hat is quite fancy,
Dolled up for get-togethers.

Looking mighty sweet Oh I would say,
And she's quite artistic Yes,
She does all kinds of things, designs too,
Really for us just to bless.

I know you will love Honey Bunny,
She is something else you see,
She's all grown up, yet a little girl,
And her name fits to a tee.

I named her Missy Honey Bunny,
She's just as sweet as her name,
Oh it's a small, small world after all,
You will love this darlin' dame.

She's sweet as honey and quite gentle,
Just an angel you will see,
And her favorite color is pink,
Oh she's very heavenly.

There's just one Missy Honey Bunny,
She's terrific and most rare,
Marvelous, loving, some special girl,
Oh I love her darlin' flair.

I'm sure you know this angel lady,
She's loved as a gentle rose,
Wouldn't hurt a soul in life at all,
And her tender spirit sows.

Be sure to say "Hi" to her one day,
It's a small, small world you see,
And her heart's so big, it shines and glows,
Oh she's my Honey Bunny.

İSondra McPherson
November 27, 2005


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Music: "Small, Small World"
Magical Musical Place For Children
Sequenced By: Eugene Hayekİ
Used With Permission


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