~ An Hour With You~

Merry Christmas From Heaven
Dear ones itís such a joy living with Jesus
Iím away from all cares, toil and pain,
Iím enjoying Godís presence for evermore,
What lovely sounds and angels everywhere.

Iíve stepped inside the crystal river
My robes are washed and made clean,
Iíve looked upon the lovely face of Jesus,
Oh how marvelous such beauty, I have seen.

The celebrations are so beautiful here
My name is written in gold in Godís great book,
Jesus sends an invitation to all who will come,
Donít miss this celebration, all is welcome.

Wonít you make your reservation
To worship and honor the King of Kings,
Children youíll be happy, Oh so happy,
The table is spread, what peace He brings.

I see such hurt within your hearts
The stars shines bright so I can see,
Jesus is waiting, around His throne,
We'll meet you in, God's beautiful city.

Dear ones, heaven is very beautiful
The jasper walls and gates of pearl,
Many precious jewels shining just great,
I'm watching daily, waiting near the gate.

Soon it will be Jesus birthday
Dear ones, please do not forget,
Wonít you give Him your heart today,
Let Him enter, He'll drive the clouds away.

Bernice Ward©

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Music: "From Heaven On Highl"

Sequenced By: Bob Sorem
Used With Permission