~ An Hour With You~

Merry Christmas, Darling

Merry Christmas darling, I love you,
Oh I miss you so very much,
I'll be staying home this Christmas time,
I so long for your loving touch.

This is my first Christmas without you,
I canít believe youíre gone, not here,
I feel so close to you in our home,
I so long for you to be near.

Merry Christmas darling, I need you,
Just for awhile, to see your face,
I look in the mirror wishing so,
I so long for your sweet embrace.

You know this Christmas wonít be happy,
You aren't with me, I wish you were,
We were together every moment,
I so long for you life's a blur.

Merry Christmas darling, I miss you,
I wish you were here like before,
We'd celebrate our Lord together,
I so long for you more and more.

Oh I think of all our Christmases,
Our love, the happiness we had,
Iím trying to think of them with joy,
I so long for you Oh Iím sad.

Merry Christmas Darling, I love you,
Oh those days must pass by again,
Possibly our miracle would be,
I so long for you without pain.

©Sondra McPherson
November 25, 2005
*Dedicated To A Dear Friend*

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Music: "Merry Christmas Darling"
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